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How I get around without my RV - Fiido D2s E-Bike Review

With my Class C RV being my main driver, I needed a second way to get around that's convenient, small and something I can easily store away. I chose an E-Bike and to my surprise, has complimented my RV Living.

In this video, I will be reviewing the Fiido D2s that I've had for over a year. Go over the benefits of choosing an e-bike as my second mode of transportation.

This bike has changed the way I travel while living full-time in my 19ft Class C RV!

My first RV Tour Video (pre-renovation)

Welcome to my most popular video, my first RV Tour. She was previously an RV rental refurbished from Cruise America. I bought her in January 2020 and have been adapting to the RV lifestyle.

This tour video will give you a tour of the RV before I did renovations.

My 19ft RV Renovation Tour!

Welcome to my home on wheels! She might look small on the outside, but packs a lot of personality, inside!

I live in a 19ft Majestic 19g Class C RV with my cat Indigo. We have been traveling in our little Class C RV for over 2 years! In this video, I give you a full tour of our home now that she's homey and cozy! Special thanks to my friends that helped me with my renovations!

Why Did I Choose the RV Lifestyle? | How Much did my RV Cost?

In this video I wanted to share a bit about myself, why I choose the RV lifestyle and share more about my Majestic 19g, how much it cost, how I was able to afford it, gas mileage, and more!

Off-Grid Baking!

You can bake off the grid with a low-energy Rice Cooker! In this video, I make a delicious Chocolate Cake simply by using a Jackery 1000w Solar Generator and a Dash Rice Cooker!

PROTECT & PREVENT your Catalytic Converter from THEFT with Muffler Tech!

Preventative maintenance is key to feeling safe and secure on the road. With the trend of catalytic converters thefts on the rise, I decided to do my best to protect my RV from theft. In today's video, I met with Colby, from Muffler Tech who's passionate and knowledgeable about Catalytic Converters and how to protect them.

I want to thank Colby and his crew from Muffler Tech that did an amazing job protecting my catalytic converter.

One Year Solo Female RVer Review

In this video, I reflect on my first year being solo on the road.

Brrr! How to stay warm in my RV!

For the past two winters, I've been full-time in my RV. The lowest temps I stayed in was 20 degrees 🥶. I learned through my failures how to keep warm when the weather is harsh. I learned quickly how important it is to prepare. In my latest video, I talk about some of the ways I keep warm with water bottle heaters, what to do about condensation, how I layer my clothing, and more.

2 Year Solo RV Life Update:

Hey Everyone! What's up? Hope all is well. It's Vanna Mae with an updated video. Sharing what's been happening in my life, my winter plans, and fantastic events in the desert!

How to plan your cross country road trip like a pro

The number one thing everyone asks me is “Do I feel safe traveling solo and how do you do it?” In this video, I wanted to answer this question, and share my favorite road trip apps I use to make me and my loved ones feel safe as I explore the country solo!