About Us

Pilot Vanna Mae

January 2020, I decided to leave the traditional rent/homeowners lifestyle for something unknown yet exciting, to live full-time in an RV. My intention for going into the RV Life was to take time to explore new opportunities, see more of the country & make new connections where ever we park.

While RVing full-time can sound exciting, the reality is this lifestyle will test you and change you in ways regular life does not.

It has tested my abilities how to make a recreational vehicle a comfortable full-time home. It’s taught me how to react to unexpected situations and how to take life one step at a time.

RVing has been a great introduction to tiny home living. It challenges me to be more mindful of my consumption & live with less. I’m also learning skills in RV Maintenance and how to do basic repairs. What I’ve discovered in RV Living is it gives us the chance to choose where we want to live for however long we want to stay.

So far, Indigo and I have been to 32 States and counting, staying at various State Parks, BLM (Beauru of land management) Harvest Host Locations & private lots.

I’ve been sharing our experiences through various RV/Nomad websites like RVShare.com. We share videos of our adventures on youtube with 13.5K subscribers and growing.

Co-Pilot Indigo

Indigo is a rescue cat. She came into my life when she was a tiny stray kitten. I found her in Las Vegas in 2013, in 100-degree heat while she was trying to lick water out of a dry water facet. When I saw her, I bent down on one knee and she came over, was curious, gentle, and still is today. We have been together ever since. Her new birthday is on August 14th, the day we found each other.

She's a big reason I decided to buy my 19ft Majestic 19g. I leash-trained her a year before we went full-time, so she now walks on trails and enjoys going outdoors with me. SHe knows basic commands and loves people., but not other cats. I was able to build her a comfortable litter box, you can see her little box on my rv tour on youtube.

Maji the RV

2016 Majestic 19g RV was bought refurbished from the Rental RV Company Cruise America. There's a lot of debate about buying a rental RV. I want to put that debate to rest, buying a rental RV was the best investment. Why? Because they maintain their RVs and have worked out most of the kinks these RVs have endured vs sitting on a lot and not being driven. They also have a rigorous RV refurbishing program before reselling their retired RVs to consumers.


Model: Thor Majestic 19G

Sleeps (up to 4 People)

Guests inside RV: 6 people can sit comfortably inside my RV

Engine Type: 2015 Ford 350 Superduty V8

Miles (When purchased): 127 K Miles

Length: 19' 11"

Fuel Type: Gas

No Slides

Self Contained with A/C Furance, Full Kitchen, 2 burner stove, fridge with small freezer & wet bath & composting toilet

Beds: Dinette Turns into a bed/couch, Queen size bed above the driver's cab