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Hope all is well. Here, you can find a wealth of information all about the RVing lifestyle, captured in easy to read blogs and videos. Made to inspire anyone that is curious on what it take to live in an RV.

For the last 3 years, I took a risk to follow my bliss into solo travel with my cat Indigo. Together, we have traveled to 37 states, finding the common thread with the people we meet and the places we roam.

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Thought of the week

In the darkness, in all the mess & chaos there is bound to be clarity and light. The thing is, we don't know when that day will come.

Give time for the storm to pass, let the rain fall and for the silver lining to shine through the clouds. The unknowns might seem like eternity, but nothing in life lasts forever.

Everything we experience is temporary, the next chapter will turn and things will change again. -My thoughts on a changing time. Learning to check in with myself, embracing that it's okay to not feel okay or not to always be 100%.

Give yourself the freedom to write how you feel and express yourself however you see fit.Sending grace & gentleness to you all during this weird time in the world.

Here's to finding your silver lining through the clouds.

Wait for the storm to pass


Last year, I had the honor to be interviewed by one of my nomadic inspirations, Bob Wells From Cheap RV Living on Youtube! In this interview, I talk about my struggles living "The American Dream", healing from a dark period in my life, how I found inspiration through art, which lead me to finding my passion for RVing.

Hope you enjoy this interview!

Interview with Bob Wells on Youtube